Thursday, August 6, 2009


Absolutely perfect day for para-sailing, great group of 5 that we went out with, Gregg loved it and Sally is really glad she did it once...

First, our new refrigerator....much better than the red cooler in the bathtub. We are happy campers now.

Next, some wonderful images from Door County, WI. What a place this is. We're finding fun things to do every day:

Fish Boil - delicious.
He's adding what he calls "a pinch of salt".

Then he adds 2 cups of fuel oil to the fire to create a blaze that makes the fish stew boil over and spill its fat on the ground. The resulting fresh Lake Michigan whitefish is wonderful!
See the boilover here:

A rule of mine...
Always Stop at
Lemonade Stands!!
Support the entrepreneurial, capitalistic dreams of the young! Notice the Free Ice.
(I found these 2 girls to be an interesting study in opposites - look closely at them...)

Cherry Fest -
Pennies are tossed into the sand for the little ones to find. Nice, nice beaches all around here.
Today we go para-sailing, add more sitting in our lawn chairs along the harbor, more treasure hunting in the gift shops, maybe kayaking, then back home to the RV to pack up for another move tomorrow. Heading to SW Wisconsin to the Spring Green area to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin as well as doing some biking on a state trail.