Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye to North Carolina

We've had such a good time in NC - almost hate to leave but our route is northward and we've about run out the northern border of NC.
Keith & Sandy stopped by our last campground where we happened to be parked next to an RV that had burned the provious day, before we got there.  Disastrous and thankfully no one was in it, no one injured.  Apparently an electrical fire. 

That's Keith & Sandy's RV & Jeep right in front of us on our ferry ride to the very farthest NE corner of NC, Knott's Island.

This is our last NC campground and a favorite so far, right on the water of Currituck sound.
On storm watch.  We had a great thunderstorm there.
Learned all about crab fishing from a young local family on the beach and dock for the day.

Goodbye North Carolina.  We are ranking you among the most beautiful and interesting states.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another New Experience!

Had a double header today! Got two flights in a Bailey-Moyes Dragonfly experimental light sport aircraft (E-LSA) and then a flight in a tandem Moyes hang glider. This was my first time up on a hang glider and I loved it. Flying from Currituck County Airport (ONX) the views of Currituck Sound, the ocean, and the surrounding countryside were breathtaking. Never too old to try something new!