Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More McDowell Mountain Park

We'll be calling this home for a couple of weeks, one of our most favorite parks anywhere. We were married here in 2003. The views are expansive and peaceful. The wind is rocking us tonight and it's chilly outside but my sister in IL and brother & sister-in-law in CO are being buried in snow and frozen in below zero temps so I'm not complaining! We just hole up with books and computers...
Outside our windows, in what I claim as our "yard", the migrating cardinals are here every day - gorgeous. Sometimes 3 bright red males at a time in a tree.
The horses appeared one day in the temporary corral right next to us. The Ranger explained that the corral was for trapping horses that ranchers let loose to browse in the desert. But these two showed up with saddles and no riders. Sheriff did a search and rescue and didn't find anyone the first day but on the second day a man and trailer showed up to take them home. Apparently horses and riders had somehow become separated somehow though we never heard the entire story of it. Was nice to have 2 horses as neighbors for two days!

Q Boomerville

This is a site I like to see...our rig right next to our last rig, our beloved Bounder. That means we're camping with our good friends Dean and Judy.

Reflections in Luke's RV - great time of day for a photo.

A trek across the desert one Friday took us to Bouse for a great all-you-can-eat fish fry.

A first for me RVing - I met another member of PEO, my women's organization. Small world, Beth happens to know my sister Jeri in IL who is in her mother's chapter in IL!
I taught necklace making with yarns one day. Each made a $5 donation to CARE, the RVer's assisted living facility in TX that we all support. Over the course of Boomerville's life this year, I think the group raised over $2,500 for CARE from things like pancake breakfasts, a magic show and auctions.

Me and my girlfriends - Beth, Judy, Dee and Jan. They make GREAT neighbors!

An Escapee tradition is a skit put on by newcomers to Boomerville, written and joyfully produced by Deb and Mark. We all had little parts to play, costumes to design, had a ball doing it and ended up with a crazy little ditty running through our heads for days.

I played the part of an Opera singer and Gregg the part of a TSA Agent. He loved getting to grope me and prod me in public...