Saturday, June 12, 2010

Omaha Dance Recitals and Soccer Tournament

The post we had never wanted to make...

Afternoon burglary in a city campground in Omaha - NP Dodge Park. Lost a lot of stuff (bike, computer, camera, electronics, check books) but it could have been worse. They missed a lot and apparently left in a hurry since they left our printer and a frozen pork roast in the living room.

Now we know, to avoid burglary, it is better to:
- park near other campers rather than be isolated.
- park in the center of a campground, rather than against a woods.
- have an alarm system.
- don't become complacent

- hide valuables well, just in case.

- back up computer files.
- be able to retrieve and quickly change all passwords.
- have records of valuables, when purchased and purchase price.
- have pictures of insides of cabinets so you can recall what was in them.

We learned most RV burglary entries are by broken window, not jimmied door locks like ours. We are lucky to now be at Gregg's brother's farm in Iowa where we can wait, unlocked, for the 2 weeks it will take to get the door locks replaced.