Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost home

So close to home in Prescott - we are in eastern AZ this week to get together with good friends. We always feel the same in AZ - it's still our favorite place to live. My friend Martha made me a birthday cake and sent it to me over here - beautiful!
and yummy...
We got to do some good hiking in Forest Lakes. That's Chica Sheeley who loves to hike and roll in mud puddles. Not your girly, prissy kind of Shih Tzu but she does clean up real pretty!

Dick and Beth took me on a great kayak paddle around Willow Springs Lake on a gorgeous day. They've just returned from a fabulous RV trip to Alaska.
Bunches of us gathered at Sharp Creek for friend Randi's 21st annual Chili Cookout. We matched up our RV awnings and made ourselves a nice cool shaded breezeway. Had a great time but I got too busy catching up with everyone to remember to take people pictures! Dang!

Now we are back in Forest Lakes and all friends have gone back home. It's lonely but we're being good about getting daily hikes in. Very fine boondocking spot - thanks Dean, Judy, Lynn and John!
We're waiting for a big thunderstorm and an inch or so of rain tomorrow and when that is over we will head up to Canyon de Chelly for a few days. Then we'll be
off to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta for 10 days, joining 30 other rigs and 50+ friends-to-be in an Escapee RV group. Really looking forward to that!