Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back home in the Southwest

My sister Betty from Deming, NM who had CLL leukemia for the past 6 years broke her leg in March and was hospitalized for surgery.  She and we all knew that hospitalization is very dangerous for an immune-impaired patient like Betty.  She worked hard at preparing herself spiritually for the inevitable and talked with all her siblings on the phone on April 14 for goodbyes after we learned that she would not accept further treatment for some infections that she had contracted.  Her Advanced Health Care Directives worked like a charm for her, no challenges from the Dr and hospital (reminder, we should all have those in place at all times if we believe our choices should be made when we are in sound mind and body).  After 2 more days in the hospital she was moved to her home with Hospice care and a 24/7 friend/caregiver and was able to peacefully rest another 7 days, then let go with her 2 kitties by her side.  She lived a total of 9 days without food or water, with only ice chips, and we understand she lived comfortably those days, at peace with herself and her decisions.  She told me she felt called by her Lord.  We family picture her joining our parents and our brother Bob.
All of us in our family have a lot to attend to in Deming to carry out her last wishes for her and are spending time there, crossing paths with each other and preparing for a memorial service Sat. April 30.  She had many wishes for her property identified for us which is very helpful as we carefully distribute such treasures as the beautiful quilts she made in her lifetime.  She was quite the artist.

Gregg, my daughter Sarah and I were in Deming last weekend and will return there again next weekend.  In the in-between, we are back in AZ.  My children here are needing my help and attention with some things so we are currently located in Tempe (thanks, Lori and Odel for the introduction to Apache Palms RV Park!).  I am executor of my sister's estate in Deming so our location in AZ for now gets me closer to my duties there.  Looks like I have my hands full for a while here in the SW.  Gregg has family events to attend to in NE and IA in May and July so will likely relocate there in the RV and I may end up back in Prescott for the spring/summer.  But that too may be written in sand.  We're just taking one day at a time for now.