Friday, May 14, 2010

Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas

I am kicking myself for not getting a current picture of our fun friend Terri Brown when we stopped to see her for Mother's Day - so this 5 year old picture will have to do... Was great to see her again in her wonderful home in Rogers, AR.

Next stop was little Nevada, MO where P.E.O. has small 2 year Cottey College for women. We met Renee, a freshman there from Prescott and had a tour of the beautiful campus.

Independence, MO -
home of President Harry S. Truman.
We've now been to 7 Presidential Libraries and Museums - 5 to go yet.
(Though we've also been to Lincoln, Coolidge and Jackson that are not on the official list of 12 so we've really seen 10 of 15)
They continue to entertain and fascinate us!

Driving through Kansas City, dodging rain and missing tornadoes.

On to Abilene, Kansas - home of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

I love seeing the gifts of state in these museums. Iran saw fit to give Ike this huge mosaic desk and all its accessories. (What can one do with such a thing???)

I love seeing the Presidents' histories - weren't they a gorgeous couple? Would you even recognize them?
It really is Ike and Mamie.

Then they changed into this and were known as being very fashionable with Mamie on the Best Dressed lists every year...

Now I finally understand why my Mom cut our bangs so short - it was Mamie-style, all the rage in the 50's.

More Tennessee

Fascinating Civil War history at little Franklin, TN just south of Nashville. This plantation home served as a field hospital during a horrendous battle with about 9,000 casualties. They operated here, threw amputated limbs from the windows into a pile that reached as high as that smokehouse. Blood stains remain on the floors of the house.
The family cemetery was later extended to include almost 1500 graves of Confederate soldiers.

In town, this building remains as the most battle-scarred still standing from the Civil War. 203 holes from minie-balls.

On a lighter note!!
Grand Ole Opry is so much fun! You can walk right up to the stage for close-up flash pictures. Bellamy Brothers and Larry Gatlin and many, many more.

We both agree, Tennessee has been the most beautiful state to drive through. Lush, green, rolling hills, beautiful highways.