Monday, January 30, 2012

Maricopa County

 We are loving being in the Phoenix area for this winter.  Have spent a week or two in each of the Maricopa County Recreation Area parks - Cave Creek, McDowell Mountain and Usery Mountain.  We love to have friends come out to visit or we go meet them in town for meals or movies or such.  At Cave Creek park we took advantage of the horse stables right in the park and had a guided sunset ride that was wonderful.

Lynn Farrell joined us for wine & dinner at McDowell Mtn Park

Sunrise over Four Peaks - one of my all-time favorite views.

Quartzsite, AZ

Here's a glimpse of what goes on in Quartzsite, AZ in January.  Lots of folks drive through on Interstate 10 and see many of the 100,000 or so RV's all parked out in the middle of nowhere in the desert and wonder "What the ...?"
We joined about 100 other RV's in a compound we call Boomerville.  It's members and members-to-be of an RV subgroup of the huge Escapees RV Club.  It's a great way to meet others who RV most-time like we do and many who full-time, living and traveling full time.

 The group is well organized, having done this for several years together.  There are lots of daily activities-hikes, jeep drives, pot-lucks, happy hours, tai chi, zumba, and trips into the tiny town of Quartzsite that is mainly enormous flea markets and vendor booths.