Saturday, March 20, 2010

Loving Louisiana

We have been having so much fun here! Great food, fun people, fantastic weather, a perfect RV park with free shuttle to the French Quarter.
You can click on this link to see my favorite pictures from Louisiana...

.As we have learned to always do, we toured the state capitol building in Baton Rouge. It is gorgeous, loaded with marble from all over the world, and the tallest in the USA.

Now those of you who know Gregg well will know that he is now trying to figure out how to get this giant craw fish boiler home with us in the RV...

Monday, March 15, 2010

So much to see and do...

We've been to so many museums lately and learned so much that I think we should be awarded some kind of advanced degrees. Well, if we could remember all this stuff and pass the tests ...

Galveston Moody Gardens has a wonderful complex of these 3 pyramids full of great stuff. IMAX movie about the ocean, 4D fun movie - Happy Feet penguins in 3D with wind and water drops blowing on us, an unbelievable multi-story aquarium. We especially loved this place when they let us overnight in their parking lot for free!

Houston NASA Johnson Space Center - so much information there it is just overwhelming. We visited the actual mission control room where all the Apollo Missions were monitored. Interesting to note the phone DIALS and pneumatic tubes and no keyboards. Imagine that - we went to space without computers as we know them today.

Saturn V

BIG engines!!

Now we are in New Iberia, Louisiana along the Bayou Teche. Learned that "bayou" comes from an American Indian word meaning small river.

Toured an historic rice mill today and learned that crawfish are raised in the rice fields during the off-season. This is an operating mill almost 100 years old. Since it is historic, the equipment cannot be updated. Maybe that's why the cats that live there are comfortable sitting on the conveyor belts during a tour?? That just struck me as funny to see...

Good tour at the Tabasco factory on Avery Island. The "island" is actually the top of a salt mine and all Tabasco pepper sauce is made here using this local salt. Most of the peppers are now grown in Central and South America though because the weather here in Louisiana is too undependable. But ALL the peppers are grown from seeds from Louisiana.

Galveston homes on stilts - hurricane protection. Much here appears to be recently rebuilt after last year's storms.

Galveston's off-shore oil drilling museum. Eye-opening to see how oil is found and drilling done and to learn that there have been more than 56,000 wells drilled in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico since 1938!