Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something we seldom see in Arizona...

The weather forecast guessed 2-3 inches of snow for
North Platte, NE.
We got about 16 inches!
Gregg's up on the roof now shoveling snow off
the top of our slideout.
19 degrees last night.
A frozen water pipe had Gregg out doing repairs this morning.
He's my hero.
Maybe we've stayed too long at the fair???
We are poking our way through Nebraska with an
October 30th due date in Denver area.
Otherwise we'd be heading south by now for sure!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What a cute, happy girl this Great Granddaughter Jordie Schindel is...almost 6 months old. Scoots around and pulls herself up, reaches for everything, smiles ALL the time. We'll miss seeing her and all the grandkids and family as we head on west now.

It's getting COLD! Forecast for the next several days even includes some SNOW!!
Here's how we dressed for watching parades, football games, soccer games.
That's Gregg under the pretty tree. That's daughter-in-law Michelle and grandson Nick in the blankets.