Saturday, October 17, 2009

In love with Loveland

I love this town! We can see the snow- capped Rockies out our front window and pretty Boyd Lake out our side window. There is a nice long bike trail right outside our door. Weather's perfect. Heaven!

Snow-capped Rockies in the background.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The sun shines in Wyoming!

There is a blue sky here; we had begun to wonder. And wind, 42 mph gusts. The wind actually sucked me out the motorhome door yesterday. I am not kidding!
But the sky is a beautiful blue again and my photos have color again. They had been so monochromatic this past week with all the snow and cloudy skies. The snow is all melted now and we are hoping to see the Indian Summer that it appeared had been skipped.
My brother happens to be working in Wyoming this week so we will meet him for dinner tonight in Cheyenne. Fun! We are in an RV park at a bison ranch where there is said to be a herd of 3,000 bison. We can see a small herd from the RV park. Interesting things around Cheyenne should keep us happy here for several days. We toured the state capital building yesterday with its small Senate and House chambers. This is the least populated state with less than 600,000 total population. I marvel at that small population supporting an entire state; they don't even have a state income tax, sales taxes are only 6% and the state is operating in the black. Revenues are mostly from their natural resources, businesses such as ranching and tourism. Nice place to live if it weren't for the wind and the cold! That must be what keeps the population so low...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Global warming...

........................They apparently haven't heard of global warming in Nebraska or Wyoming...
We have been freezing! Gregg (my hero) is a master of stringing extension cords, placing portable heaters near water pipes and even putting our hair dryer to work to keep our water from freezing again. We moved from North Platte to Scott's Bluff, NE and found even deeper snow. Then today we moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming and found the whole entire city(the capital of the state!) to be without power! So the generator is keeping us warm tonight. This is sure an adventure ... and yes, we do still claim to be having fun at this!
Attitude is everything.

Look at how beautiful Nebraska is in its snow.
We visited Scott's Bluff National Monument today where about a quarter million emigrants passed on the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails in the mid 1800's. The Pony Express also rode through here. I have been amazed at the landscape here - not how I'd ever pictured Nebraska before as I had only seen it from I-80.