Monday, April 4, 2011

Luckenbach, Texas

On the way to Luckenbach, we stopped at Wildseed Farms. It's been so dry here we've not found wildflowers like we'd hoped. So this nursery seemed like our best hope. Hah! Not even here are they blooming well...

Just one carefully planted and cared for garden in front of the nursery.

But Luckenbach did not disappoint us. What a fun place. Reminds us of the AZ Desert Bar near Parker and Greasewood Flats - but WAY better. Really not a town, but a bar, general store, dance hall, music stages, lots of beer.

Got me a new hat there...actually a hat BRIM, minus the top. So it acts like a visor. Has a great hat band made of Shiner Bock beer caps...

Cute car in the parking lot - note the license plate: RVTOAD.

I saw a sign there - RV overnight parking $15. We'll have to do that some day.