Monday, May 24, 2010

Another leg of this journey completed...

We are now in Nebraska, on our way to Grandkid-land ...
We've covered 6,500 miles in 3 months in 16 states. Still having a great time.

Chaparral High School graduation - Class of 2010, Parker, CO - the throwing of the streamers. They aren't allowed to throw caps there.

Brother Bill and Sister-in-Law Lisa. Graduate Molly had had enough of looking into the sun for dozens of photos by this time...
Nephew Alex, Molly, niece Amy and her fiance Justin

Molly was such a celebrity, we flocked around her for photos. You can see how late in the day it was getting and how hard it was for all the photographees to look into that sun.

One of my favorite cats ever - Daisy. Soft as a bunny.

This is the Columbine High School memorial in Littleton, CO, memorializing the April 1999 shootings and deaths of 13 students/faculty. Very nicely done. Plaques with quotes from students, family, faculty are very stirring and make you remember, think and have concern about the future.

My sister Jeri almost blowing away in the winds of the Rockies Front Range.

Bill, Jeri, Alex and I, in true Blakslee fashion,
did a lot of yard-sale-ing in Parker. Treasures galore! Shopping for infant clothing for Alex's baby-to-soon-be and for P.E.O. bag sales for both Jeri's IL chapter and my Prescott chapter. But maybe my favorite part of yard sales is finding the young entrepreneurs and their lemonade stands...I love those kids!