Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A sad day in Prescott

This is just beyond my understanding.  The City of Prescott allowed a college student to design and build a bench in a city park.  She worked on it for weeks, at no expense to the city.  When she was near completion, they told her it was unacceptable and changes would be required.  She has graduated and needs to return home to MA so she formed a committee to complete the City's requirements for the bench.  The City ignored her committee and plans and destroyed and removed the bench without warning, in the dead of night.  Hundreds of people in town had contributed to the art in the bench and supported its completion.  I am astounded at the audacity of the City in handling it this way.  Actually I am sickened by the way they handled it.


New Great-Grand-dog in Omaha.  This is Hannah with Bailey.

Watching Santa Claus movie with Jordie.
 We spent a great, fun day with Taylor and Hannah at Vala's Pumpkin Patch.  Lots of stuff to do there...

Mini-golf under black lights - cool!

Best Dump Station Award

Camped along the Platte River
My 2011 award for Most Beautiful Dump Station goes to Two Rivers State Rec. Area in Venice, NE, just West of Omaha.  (We have to wonder though how a park with 200+ campsites manages with just 1 dump station.  Summer Sundays have hour long wait times)