Friday, November 20, 2009

New RV!!

Who-eeee! Are we excited!
2005 Fleetwood Discovery
New home-away-from-home, built for all the miles we plan to put on it, diesel for a quieter ride and easier trips up over mountains. Five feet longer at 39', more slides, more room inside. I think it's about 400 square feet, way larger than our former 320 square feet.
Gregg's up in Seattle buying it and driving it home while I am in Prescott getting the trusty Bounder spiffed up for Dean and Judy. Needless to say, I am anxious for Gregg to get home!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sally's daughter Sarah, boyfriend Jeramie, and Great Dane Zeke - we all walk our 2nd annual Light the Night Walk in Glendale, raising awareness of blood cancers Leukemia and Lymphoma.

...................................................................................My friend Lee and her team walked the 3-Day 60 mile fundraising for Breast Cancer. I donned the gorilla costume again to cheer on the walkers. A new-found friend there, Leigh, wore my Mom's Energizer Bunny costume. My last-year-walker-buddy Mary took hundreds of pictures for walkers, posing with us. What fun that was! Hot in there but a whole lot more comfortable than my feet were during the 60 mile walk last year....and it all beats the heck out of the discomfort of cancer and chemo.

Holy cow, we are exhausting ourselves being back home! So much to do! Seeing friends, catching up on everything, participating in my favorite fundraisers...oh yes, and shopping for a new RV!

We decided we need a little bigger and newer for our next long trips so we've sold ours to some of our very good RV friends here in town. They get it next week so we've been on our last trip in that Bounder we have loved so well. Spent several days in Tucson and Mesa shopping around RV lots, narrowing down what we want.