Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day Eve in the beautiful Shelby, NE cemetery.

Grandpa and Jake on Memorial Day morn.

(Jake paid us a compliment. "You guys look old but you seem so young, like in your twenties, because you go so many places.")

Josh, drummer in the high school band.

Nick and Jordie.

Jordie helps her Grandma plant flowers.

Brandon, master chef.

Brandon and Katie.

One of our very favorite campgrounds at Brandon and Katie's - see us in there? We were here a week and saw the corn grow every day.

Watching and waiting for the forecast golf-ball sized hail. Lucky we only got the pebble-sized and few of them.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nebraska - Grandkid Land

This is the farm where Brandon, Katie and Jordie live. Beautiful.

These're the guys...most of whom work part-time at the steakhouse down the road from home. Nick, Jake, Brandon and Josh.

These're the girls most of whom also work part-time at the steakhouse ...Katie, Jordie and Michelle.

This is the star of the show...
Jordie, almost 14 months old.

Always on the go, usually smiling and laughing. Talks up a storm in her own language but several words are now understandable.

She likes giving kisses.
Loves to eat...
loves to explore ...
loves the RV and its gadgets and hiding places.