Saturday, October 2, 2010

Albuquerque Int'l Balloon Fiesta

We are not only here seeing this but here with a group of Escapee RV club members - about 30 rigs - most of whom are volunteering to crew for the balloonists thus earning free crew passes to all events, some free meals and tail gate parties among the pilots crews and probable rides in balloons (valued at $350 each during the Fiesta).

Some of our friends here crew for this Ladybug Balloon.

We are learning LOTS about ballooning. My job is holding the throat of the balloon open while air is blown into it from a high powered fan, then flames are blown into it to heat the air inside. It gets HOT doing this job! Can't wear nylon as it could melt. Can't wear earrings as they may get too hot. Gregg shares that job with me on the other side of the balloon. He's also involved in setting up all the apparatus. Another job I have is handing out patches and pins to collectors wandering among us - thousands of them. Our whole team will help chase down the balloon and pack it back up for the next day.
Our friends Gloria and Charlie on the right and left, our pilot Earl and Randi, the lady who made the balloon we will fly this week.
We'll get 9 days of this if weather will cooperate. Having a ball!

Canyon de Chelly slide show

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Canyon de Chelly

I can hardly believe I've lived in AZ for about 38 years and had never gone to
Canyon de Chelly. What a beautiful park, National Monument, on the
Navajo Reservation.
We loved the free campground and stayed four days so we had plenty of time to drive both rim/overlook drives, take a day long tour by all-wheel-drive open-air vehicle, take a ranger lead hike and the only do-it-yourself unguided hike in the canyon. Every one of those exceeded our expectations. What a great time there!