Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wonderful Christmas week

Got to see Sally's kids Sarah and Andy before leaving town...

On our way out of Arizona, stopped in Yuma to see Jan & Chuck Moore and got this cool Christmas picture - Jan with a tree on her head, me with a halo. Awww- how sweet.

2008 Cancun, 2009 Belize, 2010 San Diego
Our progression of beaches and sunshine for Christmas. We've loved this year being in the RV if not in the ocean snorkeling. We'll probably repeat this one after maybe trying South Texas next year.
We got to see my cousins Judy and John and my Aunt Betty. Went out dancing to live music at a cool bar called Belly Up.

Got to see a friend, Sylvia, I haven't seen in about 12 years and her new husband Bill. (Forgot to get their picture - darn!) Always fun to reconnect.
Santa was SO good to us - new 2011 Rand McNally (with Wal Marts), new RV step stool and a cool sign for our front window...

Christmas dinner at the Marine Room, awesome restuarant on the water in La Jolla. Awesome filet mignon and rack of lamb...

One of our favorite things is a bike path right out of our campground. From here we rode 15 miles one day all around Mission Bay and an island in the middle of the bay. Then the next day, only 3 miles to Pacific Beach then down the boardwalk and back for another 15 mile or so day.

Oh yes - we will be back here to San Diego! Great trip. Next stop - Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Parade.